Monetize Your Website.

My Ad Platform is a revolutionary new platform that allows you to quickly set up a private advertising platform on your website - Making it easy to have advertisers sign up and post ads on your website.

My Ads makes it easy to place ad spots on your website

And easy for advertisers to sign up for your ad spots w/ little hassle on your end.

You control WHO advertises on your site

YOU are the ultimate decider of whether someone fits your criteria for advertisement - Not some 3rd party company!  My Ad Platform gives you the ultimate freedom/flexibility to run your ad system like you want to.

You determine the ad spots

Want an advertisement spot at the top? Great.  Want 2 spots on the side underneath a side menu? Also great. Place as many as you'd like!

You determine the price of a spot

If you think a spot on your website is worth X amount of dollars, then you should be free to charge that - Not what some company determines is the "best price".  If you can sell an advertisement spot for $1000/month, then go for it!

You moderate as you see fit.

Don't like an ad someone submits to you? Fine, disapprove it.  Want someone to submit ads that fit in with your website color scheme? Great.  You get the point.  My Ads gives YOU this power.  

Looking at this another way, My Ad Platform is your own private ad network for your website(s).  

We take the hassle out of managing your advertisers.

We make it easy for them to sign up

Avoid phone calls and emails from tire kickers.  You don't have time for that.  We give your potential advertisers an easy sign up form.  We'll handle the interaction professionally.

We take care of ad sizes

Responsive, fixed width, fluid width... blah blah blah.  You don't need to be an expert on web lingo - We will handle making it easy for your advertisers to submit the right ad sizes.  No need to get your web person involved.

We handle their payments

We will eat the credit card processing fee.  We will handle the transaction securely.  No need to call your bank.  No need to set up anything new on your website.  With ample payment methods, your advertiser will be covered.

We handle all of their reporting

Impressions/clicks and the like.  Let us provide them an unbiased report.  We will give your advertiser the information they need to make a decision on whether your ad spot works out or not.

How It Works for YOU


Place "Advertise With Us" on your website(s)... Or let us do it for you!


When an advertiser clicks your "Advertise With Us" link, they go to a My Ad Platform form where they fill out all the required information needed to post an ad.


Once they submit, you can approve or deny the ad. Want to message them for a few changes? That's fine.  It's your private ad platform, you should be free to do that!

It's doesn't matter how your website was built.

My Ads Platform works with WordPress/Drupal/Bootstrap/Custom/Weebly/E-Commerce, etc. etc. etc.  No hassles!

No needing to get your web folks involved.  We handle all of the transaction on our end and simply give you a script to add to your website - Or we can do it for you!  Easy.

Sit back and watch the ad revenue flow in on YOUR website.

Passive income at its finest.

It's all about freedom

My Ad Platform was born out of a frustration with tools like Google Adsense that moderate the company wanted ads on their website and the advertisers who want to show up.  

Other platforms tell YOU what you make per click

What if you don't want $0.20 per click? Sure you may have little traffic, but if you're a niche website, your spot can be worth much more than what the other platforms will "give" you.  Don't get stuck.  My Ads lets YOU dictate the cost of your ad spots.  If you can swing $50,000/month for an ad spot, we say go for it.   

Other platforms have strict moderation

What is a third party company telling you about who can advertise on your website or not? That's YOUR call, not theirs! Worse: What happens if they say your website isn't fit for advertising...? You know what we say to that? Welcome to MY AD PLATFORM.  

You keep 95%.  
And don't pay us if you don't have an advertiser.

$0 upfront    ||    5% of ad revenue ||    No monthly fee

Example: If you say a top spot is $1000/month, you keep $950/month. If no one is advertising on a spot, you don't pay anything.  Win win!

About that Up-front fee...

You only have to pay if we professionally install 3 or more Ad Spots for you

More than 3 Ad Spots

If we help you install more than 3 spots on your website, we have to charge.  We give you the option to install yourself for FREE; however, sometimes you need a helping hand and that's fine!


Ok what is an "Ad Spot"?

An ad spot is the place on your website where your advertisers ad will show.  An ad spot is for 1 page and 1 location.  Example: Home Page at the spot.  That's 1 slot.  An ad spot is not "I want this to show up at the top of every page on my website" - That can be multiple ad spots.  This doesn't mean the same advertiser's ad cannot show in the same spot across your website.  If you have 10 ad spots, 1 spot on each page, your advertiser's ad can show up on all 10 ad spots.  

Other Amazing Features!

Stay tuned!  As My Ads Platform continues to grow, we have so many awesome features planned.

You set how long an ad shows

Spots can be done on a weekly or monthly basis.  Have a flaky advertiser? Fine.  Sign them up for a week.  

Surge Pricing - Ad scheduling

Is December the hottest time of year for your website? Then set a higher price for your ad spots!

Bidding (beta)

Not sure what a spot should net you? That's ok.  Set up a bidding process! Start it at $25.00 and after 24 hours, whoever is the highest bidder, takes the spot.  This will allow you to maximize the price you get for the spot.

My Ad Marketplace - Bringing advertisers to you

Coming soon: Instead of just being able to come to your website and advertise, My Ad Marketplace will allow for you to place your website onto our list and have advertisers find you through there!  This will greatly expand your reach and increase the likelihood of folks signing up.

Ready to start?  

It doesn't cost you a dime to get started, so why not try it?